Advance Care Planning

The Clinical Senate for the South East first summit

The Clinical Senate for the South East (Kent, Surrey and Sussex) region held its first Summit, 12 May 2014, on the theme of Advance Care Planning.

Advance Care Planning (ACP) is the voluntary process of discussion to help a person decide on their future care should they become seriously ill or disabled. These wishes can then be used if or when the person becomes ill and is unable to make decisions about their own care. Pre-planning ensures that future care will be in keeping with a person’s wishes, which can improve patient and carer experience of the care they receive and its appropriateness.

The Summit was a call to action for local clinicians, commissioners, patients, the public and key stakeholders to test and explore what is needed across Kent, Surrey and Sussex and contribute to the development of an advice and recommendations document to be provided for use across the area.

On this page you will find the full write up of the event, the presentation slides (below), the graphic artist’s image and links to our Flickr and Storify.

We have integrated the comments, recommendations from the events table discussions into the Clinical Senate Advance Care Planning Advice and Recommendation document and work is under way. We plan to share this document with all delegates on publication, in October 2014.

Event Documentation