Clinical Co-dependencies for Future Acute Hospital Services

Sussex Collaborative (the organisation that brings the seven Sussex CCGs together for strategic issues and planning) has requested a report on the clinical co-dependencies and necessary co-locations of acute hospital services. They have requested a review of the available evidence (studies where available, standards and guidelines) and an independent clinical senate synthesis of this, to inform their future commissioning strategy for acute hospitals.

Question Asked:
‘What are the clinically necessary co-locations (i.e. same site) and co-dependencies (which could be provided on a networked basis) for acute hospital-based services?’

The South East Clinical Senate developed a comprehensive project plan, with four phases:

  • Phase 1 In this phase a literature review was commissioned from the Knowledge and Library Service of Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals Trust, supplemented by a Kings Fund literature review.
  • Phase 2 This was a key phase for the project working group of experts known as the Clinical Reference Group (CRG).  A synthesis of the evidence for each of the clinical areas or themes within the remit of CRG members was conducted. This involved a rating system which comprised of four colour ratings: PURPLE: Service must be co-located (based) in same hospital; RED: (three levels) Service should come to patient; AMBER Ideally on same site, and GREEN: Does not need to be on same site.
  • Phase 3 Focused on wider engagement. The Clinical Senate Summit took place on 10th September. The purpose of the summit was to present draft findings and conclusions, and also to hear and discuss the contributions from the other clinical experts and stakeholders who were in attendance.
  • Phase 4 In this phase, working together with the Clinical Reference Group, the clinical senate will produce a final draft report which the clinical senate council will consider, then sign off, in December 2014.