Emphasing Quality, Delivering Value.

12th July 2017

A briefing for clinicians on achieving the best patient outcomes within available resources

The demand for healthcare is growing inexorably, and risks the NHS becoming increasingly hard to sustain through growing pressures and constraints on the workforce and finance. For clinicians across all disciplines, this means that we need to focus our combined resources on the care that delivers the greatest value.

Value in healthcare is defined as the achievement of the best outcomes for individual patients and for the public within available resources. It also means doing less of things that add little or no value to patients. To achieve this will require the development and use of standardised outcome measures that are more relevant to patients (such as the impact on their functional status), and their more active involvement through the process of shared decision making. It also involves recognising unwarranted local variation in the delivery of high value care and addressing it.

There is increasing international recognition of the importance of addressing value in health care, and it is vital that clinicians are fully involved and helping to lead this drive, whether within their working environment or at a more strategic level. Recognising this, the South East Clinical Senate has produced this briefing for clinicians and others working in healthcare, to enhance understanding of the concepts, and recommend ways for clinicians and clinical commissioners to take this forward. 

A briefing for clinicians across the UK.  

A briefing tailored to clinicians in the South East

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