Clinical Senate Advice

The Clinical Senate works towards improving health outcomes for patients as set out in the NHS Operating Framework. Requests for advice primarily come from commissioning bodies.

These commissioning bodies include...

  • Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) or a group of CCGs within South East
  • NHS England Area Team - Surrey and Sussex
  • NHS England Area Team - Kent and Medway
  • Local Authority Commissioners of health services within South East

In addition requests for advice may come from:

  • Health and Wellbeing Boards within South East, with support from commissioning bodies
  • Patients and public with support through the Clinical Senate Patient and Public Engagement (PPE)  representatives.

If a request is received from a non-commissioner, they will be advised to seek a commissioner (a CCG, Local Authority or NHS England) sponsor in order to progress the request for advice.

The Clinical Senate Council may advance a topic itself that it considers strategic, cross-cutting, important, relevant and would promote improved quality and safety of care. The topic would not be currently considered for the South East region by another body. Before formally agreeing to take on such a topic, it should be discussed with the South East commissioners (via the relevant standing members of the clinical senate council with links to the commissioning organisations, i.e. the CCG collaborative leads, the Area Teams' Medical Director of Commissioning, and the Social Care Director), to ensure relevance to commissioners and ensure their support of the topic.

As of September 2014, clinical senates have a formal role in providing clinical advice to inform NHS England service change assurance process (please refer to the clinical senate review process document).