Clinical Senate Assembly

The Clinical Senate Assembly is a diverse, multi-professional leadership forum, drawn from people working or living in Kent, Surrey or Sussex, that can provide a breadth of perspectives and expert opinion from the health and care professions the membership aims to ensure a full range of independent clinical input to the Clinical Senate’s business.

The public and patient perspective and expertise is being achieved by strong links with the South East Patient and Public Experience Reference Group and their wider links to the People Bank and NHS Citizen. For more information about joining the People Bank, please contact Sharon Harris, Project Manager

Whilst called an Assembly, it is not anticipated that there will be physical meetings of the entire membership. Members would be asked to be involved according to the topic under the Clinical Senate’s consideration, and the work involved would typically be done virtually as part of a working group. In addition however, the Clinical Senate holds topic-specific forums, in which relevant Assembly members would be invited to participate.

Members of the Clinical Senate Assembly will provide independent strategic clinical advice on how services should be designed and improved to provide the best overall care and outcomes for patients. Members are invited to participate in working groups in which they have either a professional expertise or stated interest.

Membership of the Assembly is offered to an invited list of health and care professionals, and patients and the public. Assembly membership is valid for two years with the opportunity to renew.