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Yorkshire & Humber Clinical Senate/ Hambleton, Richmondshire and Whitby CCG Transforming Mental Health/April 2017

The Northern England Clinical Senate and the Yorkshire and Humber Clinical Senate were asked to jointly review documentation prepared by Hambleton, Richmondshire and Whitby CCG Transforming Mental Health Programme to support he NHS England service change assurance process ahead of formal public consultation.

The desktop review of the documentation focused on four main areas:

Is the proposed clinical model clear in the documentation and is it based on the most appropriate evidence base?

Have the clinical interdependencies with other services been appropriately considered (and if not what areas may require extra work)?

Do the proposals present any potential clinical risks to patients and where they are known, are appropriate mitigations identified?
Based on the information provided, are any further details of any aspects of the proposal required in order to be assured that the model is safe and deliverable prior to the beginning of public consultation?

Following the conclusion of the public consultation process, the Clinical Senates reviewed additional documentation submitted by the CCG that addressed issues raised in the initial documentation review.

Completed April 2017 and October 2017
The initial documentation report can be foundĀ here
and the post-consultation follow-up letter foundĀ here

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