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East of England Clinical Senate – Interventional Radiology in the East of England (January 2017)

EoE Clinical Senate Working Group Report:  Interventional Radiology in the East of England: the Role of Networks (January 2017)

The EoE Clinical Senate was asked by the Chair of the East of England Medical Directors’ Forum, if it could assist in progressing the issue of Interventional Radiology service provision.  This had been a topic of discussion at the Medical Directors Forum on several occasions as there were concerns regarding the equitable and reliable access to these interventions for patients, especially out of hours. Resolving these issues had proven difficult in view of the differing levels of provision in the Trusts across the region, workforce issues, the lack of reliable data and a range of ways in which these services were commissioned and funded.

The working group  was assisted by the frank and prompt responses from each of the 18 acute trusts in the region with information provided by the interventional radiology leads, radiology leads and Medical Directors.


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