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East of England Clinical Senate – Mid and South Essex STP Supplementary Review (October 2017)

Mid & South Essex Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (MSE STP)
Supplementary Report of the follow up clinical review panel held on 17 October 2017
(NB: to be read in conjunction with the report of the clinical review panel of 18 September 2017)

The clinical review panel that met in September 2017 broadly supported the STP’s revised proposals across a range of pathways. However, some concerns were expressed over the STP’s proposals for stroke services; specifically, the panel concluded that although it supported the proposal to establish a single Hyper Acute Stroke Unit (HASU) for the 1.2m population of the STP, it noted that, based on the evidence presented to the panel, “there was insufficient evidence to include stroke services in the… treat and transfer model”.

The scope and focus of this further clinical review panel was to consider the evidence provided by the STP team to support its proposed model for stroke services.
This was not a review to look again at the proposals considered on 18 September 2017 or to look at any other services or inter-dependencies of the stroke service.

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