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East Midlands Clinical Senate Establishing the evidence base for ‘multiple site single service’ (MSSS) models of care – systematic review (November 2019)

Public Health England (PHE) East Midlands in partnership with the East Midlands Clinical Senate and the University of Sheffield developed a leading evidence review on ‘multiple site, single service models of care’ (MSSS).

MSSS models of care are often the result of a number of complex factors in NHS clinical service configuration, including the difficult and often conflicting balance between inequalities in access to clinical services for patients whilst at the same time trying to improve quality and outcomes through consolidation.

To support clinical senates, commissioners and providers of services to better assess the evidence base for MSSS models of care PHE and the East Midlands Clinical Senate established a unique proactive workstream to review the clinical evidence for MSSS models of care.

In additional to the final report, a clinical framework and press release can be found through the following links or on our website:



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