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South West Clinical Senate. Networked Delivery of Urgent Treatment Centres (Nov 2018)

Given the geography of the South West and the need to ensure equitable access, what are the essential
clinical characteristics for networked delivery of Urgent Treatment Centres (UTCs)?
As part of your deliberations please consider the following:
· Clinical responsibility for pathway/s
· Skill mix, distribution and training of workforce
· Essential diagnostics and networks thereof
The South West Clinical Senate considered the above question in response to a request from the NHSE
Urgent Care Team around how urgent care services in the South West can best be delivered in response to
the guidance laid out in the national document ‘Urgent Treatment Centres – Principles and Standards’,
published in July 2017 https://www.england.nhs.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/urgent-treatmentcentres%E2%80%93principles-standards.pdf and against the delivery deadline of December 2019. The focus
on UTCs forms one strand of the Urgent and Emergency Care Transformation Programme under the Five
Year Forward View.

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