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South East Clinical Senate. Addendum to the Review of the Pre-Consultation Business Case for West Sussex Stroke Services Transformation. – August 2022

A first review of the pre-Consultation Business Case (PCBC) for transformation of West Sussex Stroke services was carried out by the South East Clinical Senate (the Senate) during March 2022.
This was undertaken by a stroke services review panel drawn from patients and public, clinical experts and representative multidisciplinary stroke service provider professionals. The review
comprised an evaluation of all submitted documentation and a formal half day panel review meeting where members of the former West Sussex CCG presented a summary of the proposed
stroke services transformation and options and took detailed questions from the panel.

The NHS West Sussex commissioning body welcomed the report from the Senate and agreed to address the recommendations in a revised PCBC. Prior to progressing the revised PCBC for
transformation of West Sussex stroke services to the next stage of the approvals process NHS West Sussex requested a 2nd review from the Senate.

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