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South East Clinical Senate – Review of the Centralisation of Section 136 Health Based Places of Safety (HBPoS) in Kent and Medway Pre Consultation Business Case – May 2023

The South East Clinical Senate were requested by the NHS England regional reconfiguration assurance team to review proposals aimed at improving the experience and outcomes for patients through creation of a centralised HBPoS service for Kent and Medway. The improvement work addresses workforce, estate and facilities, access to assessment and reduction in the period of detention in a HBPoS.

A multi-disciplinary independent clinical review panel of health and care professionals with a wide range of expertise and experience, including specialist mental healthcare professionals and patient and public partners, was brought together to review the pre-consultation business case (PCBC).

Following this review the Clinical Senate have produced a range of recommendations for how the business case could be potentially
This review was a retrospective review of the final PCBC and unusually the Stage 2 meeting occurred prior to the findings and recommendations of the Clinical Senate panel being shared with the programme team. The Kent and Medway team have therefore
Final Report Centralisation of Section 136 Health Based Places of Safety in Kent and Medway requested that this report be read in conjunction with their responses to the points raised following the Stage 2 assurance meeting.

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