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Thames Valley Clinical Senate. Suicide: The Preventable Death – Thames Valley Position Statement (Jan. 2020)

This report is an amalgamation of national and local suicide data, local rates, risk factors of suicide and how each area within the Thames Valley is performing in comparison to England. A scoping exercise using national strategies to improve mental health services, mental health provision in Primary Care and bereavement services was used to understand national ambitions to prevent suicide. The local system was involved in providing their current position in alignment with the national ambitions and recommendations to prevent suicide.

The report also highlights the work carried out by the Thames Valley Suicide Prevention and Intervention Network that is; locally focused, to prevent suicide, to reduce risk factors of suicide and champion the importance of bereavement support. Future focus of the TV SPIN will include the continued support of the local system in regard to preventing suicide and exploring the relationship between neurodevelopmental disorders, namely Autism and risk of suicide.

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