The Clinical Senate’s completed projects will become available in this section of the website as published advice and recommendations.

Suicide: The Preventable Death – Thames Valley Position Statement: January 2020
Thrombectomy Service: December 2019

Patients requiring thrombectomy following a stroke form a small but significant minority of all patients. Critical timely decisions make the difference between poor and good quality of survival. The Clinical Senate reviewed the requirements for safe and effective delivery of a thrombectomy service and looked ahead to the potential delivery of a 24/7 service and the implications for the service in the interim. The report sets out recommendations to obtain the best possible outcomes for the people in Thames Valley.


Smoking Cessation Phase 1 report: May 2018

Continuing to reduce the smoking prevalence rate is a priority for the STPs in the Thames Valley.  The Senate led a piece of work to review smoking cessation services in secondary care utilising the British Thoracic Society audit to create a Thames Valley baseline. The audit evidenced a higher smoking prevalence for hospital patients than the general population and also missed opportunities.  The Senate report sets out recommendations for increasing smoking interventions in secondary care.


Population Health: May 2018

Population health has emerged as a widely used phrase in relation to the NHS Integrated Care systems. Whilst a commonly agreed definition is developed by NHS England and Public Health England, the TV Clinical Senate carried out a review of the system-wide perspectives, academic literature and national policy documents of population health to produce a resource to support a shared understanding of some of the key approaches and best practice examples in population health.


NHS Bed Test (applied retroactively to the Oxfordshire Transformation Programme, Phase 1): July 2017
Oxfordshire Transformation Proposals: November 2016

A clinical review of the Oxfordshire proposals was undertaken as part of the NHS England assurance process. The review was completed on 29th November 2016. The Report should be read with the Appendix as the latter contains additional information submitted after 29.11.16.



Impact of the acquisition of Heatherwood and Wexham Park Hospital by Frimley Park Hospital: September 2014

A review of the potential impact on clinical pathways across Thames Valley as a result of the acquisition.